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RPH recently designed, produced construction documents, and assisted in permitting Pasticcio- a new Italian restaurant located in the Annapolis Plaza on Jennifer Road. The owners’ long history of running successful restaurants, and our previous experience laying out kitchen equipment, contributed to a successful design of the entire commercial kitchen layout without the use of a kitchen consultant. Another big challenge faced on this project was fitting all the necessary program into the limited, narrow white-box space. The total area of the restaurant is 1600 SF and, in addition to the kitchen, required a dining area, office, and two restrooms.  This effort, along with additional time needed to prepare the submission to the Anne Arundel County Health Department made an otherwise simple project quite complex. Now that the project is complete, one can see it was all worth the effort.

We are looking forward to having our next staff meeting over a Pasticcio pizza! Check out their menu here:

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Swiss Swiss Women's K Women's K Black Trainers wBv64gaq